On 25th March 2011 Communication Commission adopted resolution (N144/22), based on which authorized entities and license holders were imposed obligation to fill periodically statistical forms and to submit them to the Commission. This obligation relies on the following circumstances:

  1. Georgia is a member of International Telecommunication Union (ITU). This membership imposes commission number of obligations. As a member country of International Telecommunication Union, Georgia annually have to submit to ITU defined information, including data about the existing situation in telecommunication sector of the country.
  2. 2. According to the sub clause “A” of the clause 2 of the article 11 of Georgian low “on Electronic Communication”, one of the main functions of the Commission is providing with electronic communication networks and means and formatting, maintaining and developing competitive environment on electronic communication service sphere. In order to the better implementation of the power of pre regulation, Georgian National Commutation Commission considered reasonable to detail and systemize information, which should be submitted by authorized entities and license holders. These adjusted data will give commission opportunity of better preliminary assessment of trends and dangers on the specific segments of the market. As a result of above mentioned resolution, submitted information is collected in electronic statistical database.

Every type of the information, that should be submitted to the Georgian National Communication Commission have term of submitting. After expiration of this term, information submitted by operators, is being processed, report is also being processed and it has being published on the portal It should be considered, that data input in the Commission’s statistical database is done by the companies themselves and they have right to clarify data of the past period(s) in statistical database. In the Future this may cause changes of this data.
On the analytic portal, classification of the existing reports relies on the content and frequency of information, demanded written during the years from different companies.



Mobile subscribers

Total Number of subscribers (sim cards), which, during the corresponding period (month, quarter), have used company services at least once (made or received call, sent or received SMS/MMS), used internet or other value added service, or were charged a sub


Revenues are presented without VAT and excise.


MOU - Minutes Of Use


ARPU - Average Revenue Per User


Penetration - penetration calculated by dividing subscribers (physical entity) by the number of households in the country.